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Reading Comprehension: Detail Function Questions

The author of the passage most probably discusses the "prices of fruit" in order to

Well done!


We know from our Initial Reading that the second paragraph discusses the failure of market systems due to externalities: ...the fallacy underlying a market system that ignores ... externalities. The price of fruit exemplifies or illustrates externalities, a common cause of market failure.



The author says nothing of the price of the producers' labor, but rather speaks of the price of nature's services (e.g., bee pollination) and how these are reflected or not reflected in the price of fruit.



Although the author mentions a possibility of a higher price of fruit, he or she does not use this detail to make a prediction about the future. Instead, the author is concerned with how accurately prices reflect agricultural inputs and costs.



The author recommends internalizing nature's services into market prices in the third paragraph, but does not offer any kind of proof in the second paragraph. Either way, a recommendation cannot be proved - it can only be suggested.



The author is not concerned with the advantages and disadvantages of natural vs. artificial pollination of agricultural crops.

illustrate a common cause of market failure
indicate that producers may be ignorant of the true price of their labor
explain the anticipated future increase in the prices of fresh produce
prove that nature's services should be internalized into market prices
recommend natural rather than artificial pollination techniques