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Critical Reasoning: Conclusion Strengthening Questions

GPS, the Global Positioning System (GPS) is a global navigation satellite system and is often used for navigating by car. Traveler's Best Friend (TBF) is a new navigation aids company which believes that not only drivers but also hikers could use GPS for navigating and have therefore decided to develop a GPS device for hikers.

Which of the following, if true, most seriously strengthens TBF's conclusion?



Similar case, bad result? This is a classic conclusion weakener. The fact someone else tried to develop the software and failed does not mean TBF will fail, but it does not support the decision to try develop it.



This answer choice weakens TBF's conclusion because an expensive product may sell less, especially if it competes with other hiking accessories.



This answer choice weakens the conclusion: the GPS device's weight could be unsuitable for hiking.

Well done!


This answer choice strengthens the conclusion directly, showing that a large market for a GPS device for hikers exists.



This answer choice weakens TBF's conclusion because pointing out old mine fields could be an important feature for hikers - TBF's future customers (at least in some regions). Remember, you are trying to show that hiker could use the GPS device or that they would buy it.

Technical problems prevent the entry of old mine fields data into the GPS device program.
A survey conducted by TBF shows that 82% of hikers would buy GPS hardware and software if the price is manageable.
Due to high developing prices, the price for the end purchaser is estimated at $15,000, far more expensive than any other single hiking accessory.

A rival company, TBP (traveler's best pal) has tried to develop the device, but were forced to halt the development due to technological limitations.

The estimated weight of the GPS system is roughly 40 pounds.