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Critical Reasoning: Paradox Questions

A dictionary including more than 250,000 entries does not include the word 'neighborhood', even though the word is in the same language as the dictionary.

Which of the following, if true, would most contribute to an explanation of the facts above?



The fact that no dictionary can contain every possible concept does not yet explain how a dictionary containing over 250,000 entries does not include a relatively simple entry such as 'neighborhood'.



The fact 'neighborhood' is pronounced differently does not mean necessarily it is written differently, and therefore does not explain why it's not in the dictionary.

You are truly a master of words!


If words within the same language can be written differently, then it is possible that the word 'neighborhood' is simply not written in the same fashion as in the dictionary, and so does not appear in it as it is spelled in the argument.



When solving a paradox question, always remember that two wrongs don't make a right. If not only 'neighborhood' but also 'hydrophobia' does not appear in the dictionary, the paradox is not resolved, it just applies to another word.



The vast majority of the words in a dictionary, and certainly 'neighborhood', have been around for more than 30 years, so the age of the dictionary does not resolve the paradox at hand.

No dictionary can include every conceivable concept in every conceivable field of expertise.
The word 'neighborhood' is pronounced differently in different English-speaking regions.
Even within the same language there are differences in spelling between countries, such as Great Britain and The United States.
The dictionary is 30 years old.

The dictionary does not include the word 'hydrophobia'.