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Critical Reasoning: Paradox Questions

John has invited 20 friends from school to his birthday party. Even though all children in John's country invite their siblings to their birthday party, no brother or sister of John's will be attending.

Which of the following, if true, would most contribute to an explanation of the facts above?



The fact that only John's closest friends were invited still doesn't explain why John's siblings will not be there, even though it is customary to invite one's brothers and sisters to one's birthday.



The fact that John's father cannot come does not explain why John's brothers and sisters will not be there.

Quite right!


If John doesn't have any brothers or sisters, there is absolutely no way they can come. This answer choice effectively resolves the paradox between the premises.



John's reluctance does not resolve the paradox: if everyone invites their brothers and sisters to their birthday party, why wouldn't John's brothers and sisters be there?



The date chosen for the party does not, in itself, explain why John's brothers and sisters won't be there.

John has invited only his closest friends.
John is an only child.
John wasn't sure whether he wanted a birthday party and he had to be convinced to have a party by his parents.
The party will take place on the first day of school, in the afternoon.
John's father has an important meeting at work, and so cannot attend the party.