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Critical Reasoning: Paradox Questions

The average temperature in Santa Barbara in July is 57-89 degrees Fahrenheit. A Santa Barbara daily newspaper dated 27 July predicts a snow storm.

Which of the following, if true, best resolves the above paradox?



The fact the Santa Barbara weather cooled in July in the previous two years does not explain why it was freezing this year - to a point of snowing during the hot season. The correct answer choice must effectively resolve the paradox, not make it a bit less of a paradox.



This is a paradox question, not a Conclusion Strengthening question. The correct answer choice must resolve the paradox, not emphasize it.



This premise describes a condition for snow to stick, but does not explain how it is that snow is predicted in July.

Very good.


If there are two cities called Santa Barbara located thousands of miles away, it may be sunny in one, while the other may be facing a snow storm.



The fact that snow falls in certain places in July may put us on the right track, but doesn't, in itself, explain how snow is predicted in Santa Barbara in the middle of the summer.

No instance of snow in July has ever been recorded in the Santa Barbara annals.
For snow to stick, it requires a ground temperature of below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
There are at least two urban communities by the name of Santa Barbara: the first is in the United States, the second on a mountaintop in South America.
Snow has been known to fall in certain places in July.
The last two Julys prior to the one in which the newspaper predicted snow were cooler than usual.