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Critical Reasoning: Inference Questions

The rain throughout Spain tends to stay mainly in the plains. Flowers tend to grow more thickly where rain is plentiful.

Which of the following inferences is best supported by the statements made above?

You've got it!


If the rain in Spain stays mainly in the plains (Premise A) and flowers grow more thickly where there is a lot of rain (Premise B), flowers must grow more thickly in the plains of Spain, where they receive their fill of water.



There is absolutely no need to know what flora or fauna are to cross out this one. A research is a new premise. It could never be an inference.



We have no basis for drawing such a far-reaching conclusion. Inferring about the existence of animals in Spain's hilly areas is a huge leap forward, whereas we are looking for one small step.



This answer choice is out of scope. We are told too little about the rain's influence to infer anything concerning the rain's role in Spain's ecosystem.



Jumping from flowers growing more thickly where there is a lot of rain to flowers not growing at all where there is less rain is a leap. Remember, we are looking for a small step forward.

The hills and mountain ranges of Spain are devoid of flowers of any kind.
Flowers grow more thickly in the plains of Spain than on its mountain ranges.
Rain plays a vital role in Spain's diverse ecosystem.
A recent research has shown that rain and the existence of both flora and fauna are closely related.
Animals find it hard to survive in Spain's hilly areas, since they need plants for nourishment and these are more scarce in this kind of topography in Spain.