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Critical Reasoning: Assumption Questions

Internal professional sound processing boards offer sound engineers and other professionals in the recording business a hardware solution that can perform sound processing at much higher speeds than that provided by standard sound processing boards, as they are better integrated with other parts of the computer. Since the market is flooded with internal sound processors, the Axioforma company is developing a strategy to create an external sound processing board for professionals that will allow the users to access various controls that adjust the processor's input and output parameters directly. This formation will allow Axioforma to design a product that is aesthetically attractive, a serious advantage over the products that operate from within a computer only.

The financial success of Axioforma's strategy relies on which of the following assumptions?



This statement compares the ability to adjust either the input or output parameter alone. However, Axioforma's strategy is to create a product that will allow users to adjust both input and output parameters. Hence, to draw the conclusion, Axioforma would not have to assume anything about which function is preferable.



Although the assumption in this answer choice could support Axioforma's plan, the company's plan does not necessarily rely on it. Even if the market retained its size of the previous year, we'd have no reason to doubt the financial success of Axioforma's new product.



The premises say the product that Axioforma is planning to create will offer both new functionality (direct adjustability) and an attractive design. Therefore, the people at Axioforma do not have to assume the importance of one of these factors over the other - their new product will meet both demands.



While this answer choice could support the conclusion, it is not a necessary assumption made by Axioforma in drawing the conclusion. Axioforma's strategy relies on the fact that its external board offers a nicer design and added functionality. The assumption should explain why Axioforma decision-makers think these features are enough to succeed in the market.



In order to claim its new external sound processing board will be successful in a market of internal boards, Axioforma must assume that making the board external would be advantageous, or in other words that the advantage of making it external (direct adjustment) exceeds the disadvantage (reduced speed due to distance from other components).

A sound processing product that would allow users to directly adjust only the input parameters would be more desirable to sound professionals than one that would allow users to directly adjust only the output parameters.
The professional sound processor market has grown in comparison to its position at the end of the last financial year.
The high speed at which audio information is relayed by professional sound processing boards thanks to their proximity to other computer components is not as important as the potential of direct adjustment of components.
In the consumer electronics market, factors of functionality, depending on product, but often including ease-of-use, robustness, and compatibility with other products, are considered inessential when compared to aesthetics.
The employees in Axioforma's product design department are the most experienced and creative in their field.