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Critical Reasoning: Inference Questions

Which of the following best completes the passage below?

Most design firms place heavy emphasis on previous experience when looking to hire a new employee. A recent survey shows that designers aged between 25 and 35 come up with new ideas about 30% more frequently than designers aged between 35 and 50. This data clearly suggests that __________.



This answer choice presents us with an additional premise, not a conclusion based on the premises given. Factors leading to the success of a design company are not really addressed in this argument.



This answer choice goes too far beyond the premises. First, we know nothing about management positions and designers' promotion to such positions. Second, we don't know what happens to designer's creativity after the age of 50 - it could bounce back again - so we cannot infer anything about designers over 45.



This answer choice contradicts the second premise. If younger designers come up with new ideas more often than older ones, then it cannot be inferred that older designers are more creative.



This answer choice draws an incorrect inference based on the second premise. The survey relates to specific age groups but we cannot link years of experience with one's age without knowing at what age that person started working as a designer.

Nice work!


This answer choice makes a logical conclusion based on the given premises. It has been proven that young designers are more creative than older ones, so perhaps design firms should be more open to hiring them, instead of placing so much focus on experience.

the success of a design firm is based completely on its staff since the product it provides is creativity itself
designers after the age of 45 are usually in positions of management, and not in those requiring creative problem-solving
within the said age groups, older designers, thanks to their acquired experience and style, are more creative than younger designers
designers with less than ten years of experience are more creative than designers with more than ten years of experience
design firms should be more open-minded when considering the employment of recently graduated designers