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Critical Reasoning: Inference Questions

Which of the following best completes the passage below?

Town Q's mayoral elections four years ago were preceded by a hurricane that destroyed a large part of the municipal facilities and many homes. The number of votes in the elections after the hurricane was the highest in Town Q's history. Since then, Town Q has almost completely recovered from the hurricane's damage, and faces no social or economic challenges in particular. Since in the last elections held one month ago, the number of votes dropped by 55%, it is clear that __________.



While this answer choice may explain the premises and therefore serve as a possible conclusion, it requires several assumptions to be valid, as the argument gives no details of any of the campaigns used in the elections.

There is an answer choice which draws a more immediate conclusion. Look for it!



This answer choice leaps too far beyond the argument's premises. There is no data about the elected mayor so making a statement about mayor's intentions cannot be supported. Also, this answer choice does not address the rise and drop in voting rates.



This answer choice reaches too far beyond the premises we're presented with. There is simply not enough information to make such a bold prediction about what will happen in the next elections in four years' time.



This answer choice goes too far beyond the data in the premises. After the hurricane - a natural disaster - many people voted. If they voted for a new leadership, it could be either because they lost faith in their old leadership or because they had faith in the new one. We simply do not have enough information to infer either.



This answer choice is clearly supported by the premises in the argument: when there was a hurricane that caused many problems - many people voted. Later, when there were no problems - very few people voted.

the political campaigns four years ago were far more creative than those in the last elections
the newly elected mayor of Town Q will make an effort to improve the methods of hurricane detection
the residents of Town Q feel more obligated to vote when there are major issues at hand
in the next elections, almost none of the Town Q residents will make an effort to vote
a natural disaster can cause people to lose faith in their local or national leadership